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We participated

In November 2018, an Equinox Showcase team collaborated with students from the Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) to set up a site-specific artwork for the 2018 Guangzhou International Light Festival. Led by Creative Director Pinky Liu, the team installed an innovative artwork, titled “Mo Ban” (Magic board) was a stunning visual artwork comprised of a number of metallic boards. When stepped on, the boards would light up in various designs. The designs would change based on the pressure applied to the boards. The interactive art piece was a crowd favourite during the festival.

The Guangzhou International Light Festival ran for six weeks on the banks of the Pearl River with a full program of light-inspired art and sideline events. The annual event included a creative lighting competition and interactive media installations such as Mo Ban by Equinox. Visitors were treated to a multi-sensory experience at various locales such as Haixinsha Park, Huacheng Square and some nine bridges that spanned the Pearl River.

Visit: http://www.gz-lights.com/

Guangzhou International Light Festival